House Fees

  • Set daily house fees by session and/or day of week
  • Set weekly house fees
  • Late Fines added automatically
  • No Show Fines added automatically
  • Option to defer, cancel late / no show fine with manager permission
  • Warning if dancer documents are expiring or expired
  • House Fee Receipt with option for Free Drinks for Dancers



  • Employee Scheduling Facility
  • E-mail Schedule to Employees
  • Add Employee to multiple categories (specially for smaller clubs)
  • Add Employee Documents like Passports, ID's
  • Employee Contracts Online

Voucher / Ticket Management

Messaging Centre

  • Internal E-mail system for Employees
  • Broadcast messages to individual employees or a category


  • Voucher Reports
  • House Fees Reports
  • Dance Reports
  • Additional Club Specific reports can be designed as required


  • User login with password
  • Restrict Module Access for added security
  • Single point login at one time. In other words, a user can login to the system from one device only at one time.
  • Password and Transactions encrypted on the database for security
  • Hosted on secure data centres based in the UK
  • Option to host systems at your club for added security